November 03, 2003

Blogging Blues. What? No separate field for a post title? Bummer. Nevertheless, Blogger wins the first time blogger ease of use prize tonight. Just back from the Internet Librarian conference, all jazzed about RSS and blogging after attending a great work shop given by Steven Cohen and Jenny Levine.

After perusing the nifty comparison chart Jenny and Steven handed out, I lusted after Movable Type, but knew it would take some doing to set up. Radio Userland was the next choice, seemingly far superior to Blogger due to features such as Categories and automatic RSS feed and yet supposedly simple to use. Well it wasn't as easy as advertised. Downloading and installing the software was fast. A good sign of mean and lean code. But when I got to the submit user info page, my crusty old 64 MB, OS 9 G3 with Netscape 4.7 (don't ask) and the 56k modem just froze. And that was that. I had no idea how to take up where I left off after restarting the browser. (I tried pasting the sign up page URL into Explorer, but no dice). I was frustrated and lost, lost, lost.

On to Blogger. It all worked like a charm until, while singing Blogger praises in my very first post, Netscape crashed.

So it took a couple of hours, instead of the promised five minutes, but here I am blogging, posting to my own server, getting my training wheels so I can move on to bigger and better things. I like new beginnings.

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