January 05, 2004

Got TMI?

I was writing too much boring diary-entry crap here so I started a separate blog for that here.

There's still bound to be overlap, of course, and an inability to decide which blog to post to ... like today I was trying to think of a clever balloon-caption to add to a photo of my brother shaking Bill Clinton's hand at Google (something clever about Al Gore, but what??). I was surfing web logs about Gore, Clinton, Google, Norvig ... and I found this guy Kevin Fox's blog, and he had his "friends" blogs listed
and, hmm, how to explain? I KNOW these people ever so slightly, as nodding acquaintances -

Dinah Sanders (metagrrrl) was in my library science program at San Jose State. I ran into her briefly at Internet Librarian.

Derek Powazek started Fray, which made me sit up and take notice enough to go see him speak back in 1997 at some event put on by, I think, Webgrrls before they changed to Digital Eve.

Peter Merholz is, of course, well known as "the other Peter," in his efforts to clarify any shadow cast by Peter Morville, who was also at Internet Librarian, where I saw him speak in his thoughtful, calm, way. One time I drove all the way to Berkeley on a weeknight just to see Morville speak for free at an event put on by BAY-CHI. Thought about bringing my old copy of Info Arch for him to sign but it seemed indecorous ...

... the whole bay area user interface crowd seems so amazingly small, yet I feel an outsider, I guess. You see? I knew this should have gone in my personal blog ...

Hit Counter Bites the Dust

GoStats sent me an email over the holidays explaining that their database had been compromised. So the record of my 10 seconds of fame (hundreds, count 'em, hundreds of hits!) after having been blogged by someone else is no more. The hit counter was re-set as of yesterday, I think.