November 09, 2007


Can I just say, I am very excited about our impending move to Drupal as our website CMS. I'm here at taxonomy bootcamp, where tagging is the new black, and so last night I reluctantly revisited my three and a half year old delicious page, only to discover a few new bells and whistles, such as networks and bundles, that make delicious more of a social networking tool and a little bit more of a content organizing tool. But the real excitement came when, seemingly no matter what path I took through friends and keywords, all paths led to Drupal! And this morning, here in San Jose at the Marriott, a palpable cloud of post-conference exhaustion hanging in the air, left by the phantom dust of KM/search enterprise/taxonomy bootcamp attendees, I pop on to Facebook, spy a message from a librarian colleague I've never met, try to remember why he's talking about "the uber meta data model of the future", find the reference on Google (after which I finally remember I joined a Facebook group called "tagging is the uber meta data model of the future", and notice that the founder of that group has a prominent link to Drupal on his blog.

Long story short, my RL colleague and I are off to Boulder next week to talk to the consulting firm that will help us get Drupal up and running. I'm radically stoked about it's taxonomical/tagging capacities and only hope I can get the "processes" (hate that damn word - heard "business processes" too many times this week) in place to do justice to and leverage these capacities.