March 30, 2004

Never Mind

I didn't really do the math on that last post. The stuff I found was old. Stay tuned.

Google Doesn't RSS - But Yahoo Does

I've kept in the back of my mind a tidbit I picked up that claimed there was some code you could use to turn a Google News Alert into an RSS feed. Today I was looking for it, and found out from this TeledyN post that Google is not particularly enamored of this concept. Intellectual property and all that, you know.

A little surfing brought me to this solution, however, courtesy of Jeremy Zawodny's blog.

Orkut Goes to Eleven

I've been insanely remiss in keeping up this blog. Oh well. Today I played around with Orkut. It does have a cool serendipitousness to it (why am I so enamored of that concept?). Found an old friend and made some new ones based on recollections of the names of like-minded professionals. But there's only 11, I think, members of the Lipstick Librarians community. Oh well again. These go to eleven!