November 09, 2012

Google Plus - Hot or Cold?

So, I've already waxed a bit hot and cold about Google Plus.

The cold part is because, we've had so many of the same features in Friendfeed for so long that they don't seem special to me. Realtime? Friendfeed launched that years ago.

A little hot and a little cold: incredibly awesome conversations ensue when the digerati get access to a new exclusive service. This happens with every new service - Twitter, Quora, Friendfeed - I'm sure I've missed many others but it is absolutely the case that it is easier to have fabulous conversations when there is a small amount of extremely intelligent people on a nice platform.

Hot: Hangouts!

Everything is Miscellaneous

So much of being a librarian involves the instinct of wanting to group things together to facilitate future retrieval. In the early days of librarianship, cataloging was limited by the realities of physical space. In cyberspace, "Everything is Miscellaneous."

(and thus, my re-entry into blogging begins).