June 18, 2004

Photos of Coffins from Iraq

The Meet Joe Blog article provided a valuable link I hadn't yet had time to track down - the fellow who obtained photos of coffins being delivered to Dover AFB through the Freedom of Information Act. His blog is called the Memory Hole, and the photos are here. Viva la FOIA!

I Tole Ya Blogs are Big!

Meet Joe Blog

June 16, 2004

Blogs Are Hotter than Ever

Took a few minutes today to read Library Stuff and was intrigued by the mention of Blogsnow. Kind of a barometer of the hottest meme of the moment. My interest was also piqued by the article Are Blogs Ready for Prime Time?, which notes that blog readers are of a highly sought after demographic for marketers. I predict blogs will continue to be hot for at least the next year while the general public catches up with the early adopters.

Gmail Invites Available

Heck, I'm drowning in 'em. Just let me know if you want one. (Hint - my address is in the upper right corner of this site.)

June 10, 2004

Creative Ways to Use Your Gmail Invites

Suddenly there is a plethora of gmail invites. Somone on Orkut astutely observed that it is like the stock market. The balancing act of supply and demand is amazing to watch and it's all documented on ebay. On Monday accounts were still fetching up to $200. By Wednesday they were dropping to $20, and today they seem to be plummeting further.

I gave a few of mine to some friends on Orkut. And I've looked on gmailswap.com but so far nothing quite clicked with me. So, I just gave one to a worthy soul, as facilitated by Jonas' "Do Some Good" idea.

June 01, 2004

Proud Mary

I'm so proud of my friend Mary Minow, and she should be proud of herself. I have to admit, I'm proud of myself too for encouraging her to start a blog. Hers has far surpassed mine, however. Disatisfied with some of the constraints of Blogger, Mary ported the whole blog over to typepad, and she's done a lot with it. It's called LibraryLaw Blog. Check it out!