July 29, 2008

Digerati, again

So I'm back to stalking the digerati, it seems. Yesterday I finally succumbed to signing up for twitter, but only by way of friendfeed. Which is to say, after checking out how friendfeed works, it became apparent that most of the cool kids have a twitter account, whether or not they use it to tweet. So, I've been spending the last few days seeing who follows who, and updating my social inventory of who's who in the digeratosphere.

At least it inspired me to make a blog post, my first in eight months. Yay me.

July 28, 2008

Getting My Feet Wet

The great experiment began on July 28th, 2008. I joined Twitter and Friendfeed.

Although I wouldn't call myself a noob (just last night I found myself quite articulately explaining 2.0 to someone who actually thought it was a new infrastructure for the web), I don't exactly stand with the giants, either.

I've had a Blogger account since 2002 (BGA - before Google acquisition).
I've had a Delicious account since July, 2004
I've had a YouTube account since April, 2006

But this microblogging and lifestreaming stuff is new to me. At first, I thought Twitter was just for, well, Twitter Whores.

I decided as long as I was dipping my toes in, I might as well check out this friendfeed thing too.