November 07, 2003

Make a Fortune on Google!

Just when you think you would give up your firstborn son in exchange for not having to deal with spam, something comes along that tickles your funny bone. Now, instead of making a fortune on e-bay, I can make a fortune on Google! Amazing! I just have to buy a $50 e-book first. The extremely gullible part of me (my friends know and exploit it well) had to take a second look at the general concept just in case. Something about partnering with online sellers to write adwords for them. Hmm, wouldn't they be writing their own? Anyway, all I know is, if you do a search for AdWords on google, there are 8 sponsored links for other businesses that will also help you make a fortune writing adwords. Does that mean i can make a fortune telling people how to make a fortune? egads, it's all too recursive.

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