April 21, 2004

Adam Lasnik Rules! (So does RSS)

That's right, Lasnik, not Rifkin (Orkut joke).

I blogged a link to Adam's Gmail review on April 16th, so I'm guessing that's how he found me. Or it could have been through Orkut. But anyway, he told me my RSS feed was messed up. Frankly, I didn't even remember that I had tried to create an RSS feed at all. But his email motivated me to take a few minutes to straighten it all out, and it was really easy. Now I'm registered with Bloglines and I can see my own blog in there. Damn it's cool. RSS so friggin rocks. And Bloglines will be a way better system for managing a blogroll than editing my blogger template (although it will probably take me another few months to getting around to figuring out how *that* whole thing works).

So anyway, props to Adam. Stop by and visit his blog Bladam.

I just noticed his tagline starts with "musings on ..." just like mine. I didn't copy it from him, I swear. Guess it's a pretty obvious choice for a blog.

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