July 15, 2004

Bloglines Rocks

I cannot believe how incredibly cool Bloglines is. Google should jump on it and acquire them! I never understand how people can offer such amazing free resources. What the heck is the revenue stream? No ads, no subscription fees, just an incredibly useful tool for wading through the morass of information available in the burgeoning blogging world.

I just don't have time to do much current interest reading at my job. I skim Information Today and Information Outlook and that's about it. With Bloglines, though, I can open it once a week or once a month, and quickly skim all the latest from thoughtful bloggers in my field like Gary Price. Today, after 30 seconds of reading, I picked up a very useful tidbit for work about the Foundation Center's new PubHub database.

Bloglines also has a new Clippings function that makes it very easy to save references to particular posts.

I am to be liking this.

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