August 03, 2004, WYSIWYG, etc.

I got my archives set up. I am such a yin yang, all this time I was thinking that I needed to create a separate directory for them, but there really is no need for that.

I just realized that Blogger's WYSIWYG editor doesn't work in Safari. One more reason to make Firefox my main browser. I find more and more sites that aren't fully functional in Safari.

Unfortunately, I am just a little bit lazy. The reason I haven't switched completely to Firefox is that I don't want to have to replicate my quick links that I use on that little bar across the top of the browser. I'm already using a utility called URL Manager Pro so I can access any set of bookmarks in any browser on my desktop, but lately I've been grooving on and wondering if I shouldn't just move everything over there. Right now I have almost nothing there. I just like the serendipity of checking it out every once in awhile and watching people add links. The thought of porting my own links over there is duanting. But it could be cool as a tool for work - sharing links with colleagues and patrons.

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