August 07, 2008

Early Adopter, early giver-upper

Can't get the comments to work - maybe my template is too old? I'm not understanding how to enable comments, although the settings seem clear. And I already deleted the haloscan code.

I've been thinking about how I always have the greatest intuition about trends before they start, I begin to get involved, then I drop the ball. Maybe everyone thinks this.

Case One: When I was working for the small self-help publisher in the mid 80s I sensed a need for a book on caring for parents with alzheimer's. Never acted on it. Tons of books have been published since then.

Case Two: Got turned onto blogging by Steven Cohen and Jenny Levine at Internet Librarian back in 2003. Didn't keep it up. I think the cognoscenti within the then small circle of cybrarians would have read me if I had stuck with it, because there weren't that many library bloggers in the field back then.

Case Three: Around 2003 or a little later I started thinking I should position myself as an expert in writing "micro-content" because I could see that the web was calling for shorter and shorter ways to express more and more meaning. Didn't do nuttin', now I turn around and "micro-blogging" is the new buzz word.

Well, "woulda, shoulda, coulda" is my mantra, I guess. Ever since I was about twelve I've been struck by the William Blake quote, "sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires." Enough so to memorize it. But not enough so to follow its simple advice.

Now what about those comments? Am I gonna have to RTFM?


Beth's Blog said...

Are you the same Laura who just joined WeAreMedia and volunteered to be an editor for one of the modules ..

if so, thank you so much and I will be touch.

lnorvig said...

Hey, a comment on this rusty old blog I'm trying to resurrect. Hi, Beth, yes, it's me, I think I left my work email at WeAreMedia but you can reach me at this gmail also.