December 03, 2008

When Louis Gray Talks ...

Mike Fruchter did a guest post on Louis Gray's blog that mentioned me. It was the fourth in his series of "10 People to Follow on Friendfeed". The previous three were on his own blog - this one just happened to be the one that was hosted on Louis' blog. Consequently, in the last two days I got 51 new subscribers. Prior to that my rate averaged a little less than one per day.

To all my new subscribers, welcome. I'll try to keep the information flowing - check my "Likes" if you want to get a good sense of what interests and delights me. And please don't be offended if I don't follow you back right away. I look at people's feeds before I subscribe to them to see if our interests align. Right now I am subscribed to 158 people - an eclectic mix of librarians, nonprofit professionals, social media folks, and techies. Check them out - maybe you'll find someone fun to follow. Enjoy Friendfeed - for me it's the perfect window into the social web.

1 comment:

ernie yacub said...

thanks from a nube who is racing madly to consume all that comes streaming magically to my box.