April 30, 2009

I'm not dead yet, just pining

So I haven't blogged here much, it's true. I've been pretty busy Friendfeeding and Twittering and developing presences in social media land for my organization, the Resource Center of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

I did a few posts towards the end of last year on another blog, Swimming in a Sea of Social Media. I thought I should have a separate blog, since I originally conceived of this one as focusing on information architecture, medata, taxonomy, and maybe a little librarianship. But now that I've made more and more connections lately, it's time for me to consolidate my presence.

I'm freeing myself up to blog anything and everything here. I already have some half-written posts lying around on my desktop somewhere. I'll make an effort to get them up here soon. Really. I mean it. I want to connect with all you wonderful people out there, whether I've met you through Friendfeed, Twitter, the volunteer and service world, or at NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference. This is going to be my home from now on.

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