January 23, 2014

X Ways to Verb Your Noun

Watching a blogging class from HubSpot. It's packed with great information, so I have to admit I was a little surprised to see them embrace the tired convention of creating a headline with a number in it. Sure, these are meant to assure the reader that they will get a finite number of digestible tips to achieve their goal. But they are so commonplace now, and so many inferior articles have been written using that type of headline, that it's almost embarrassing to rely on that construction.

Another piece of advice offered was:
Q. How often should you blog? 
A. As often as you want people to pay attention to you.
 Here's a novel thought:
Q. How often should you blog? 
A. As often as you actually have some useful information to convey.
I agree with the advice in the class that coming up with a really good title is important. There was even a slide in the presentation devoted to the quote from Dharmesh Shah, "spend half your time writing content, half writing the title." Sometimes, though, a title just comes to you, like the one for this post, and you have to roll with it, even if you don't have all that much to say.  It was either that one or: One Way to Title Your Blog Post.

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