November 05, 2003

Is this Like a Cult or something ...?

Wow, I already got posted about (OK, guys, help me out with the lingo here - I'm a newbie) in LIS Blogsource, The library weblog about weblogs. Thanks Greg.

He notes that I have no RSS feed, how embarrassing. Soon to change, although I'm not saying when.

On the plus side, maybe this will help cement my professional moniker "Intelligent Human Agent" in case I ever go back into independent consulting. I used it in my sig file when posting to SIGIA-L, but I had to switch to nomail back in June when we launched our new website. It is one active listserv and I miss it but damn, I gotta get some work done.

btw, posting on my G4 at work with Safari and the new Panther OS is a lot smoother than at home. For one thing, the preview template function actually works. Oh, and I realize I haven't really talked about what I claim this blog is about, so I promise that will change soon.

That's it for the other one, folks (talk about a cult. If you don't know what this refers to, don't try to figure it out).

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lnorvig said...

wow, I totally forgot that we used to have Macs at work!