November 04, 2003

Note to Self: RTFM

I proudly showed off my new blog to my brother, who happens to work at Google, (proud new owners of Blogger - which is NOT why I chose this product, as I think my first posts make clear). I guess he read it because he fired off an email to Evan Williams about whether or not posts can have Titles. I was quickly pointed towards the Formatting options under Settings. That's service! Tech support for a free product (I can't guarantee the same for the rest of you peons [joke]).

In the meantime, I skimmed a little bit of the book Essential Blogging and found out that BloggerPro would give me still more options. I was also reassured by some notes about how I could port everything over to Movable Type at a future date if desired.

Next User Interface question: For a new post, why is there only a button for "Preview Your Post" instead of a choice of either previewing or publishing?

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