November 04, 2003

So, um, yeah, can you tell by what time it is that I'm kinda diggin' this blog thing? Working on my links while my buddies jeffy, billy, and bobby are picking some sweet music in the garage (do all musicians have a "y" at the end of their name?).

Still pissed that Blogger doesn't let you title or categorize your posts, so I know some day I'll graduate to a competitor (remember the way Spenser Tracy spits out the word "competitor, competitor" in Adam's Rib - or is it Woman of the Year?). But for now I'm recapturing the rush of web publishing I got oh so many years ago when I finally got Fetch and PageSpinner doing their thing. Proof of that is the fact that I just updated a page on my site, which I otherwise haven't touched in about three years.

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