April 10, 2013

Where I'll Be at NTC

Where I'll Be
-- I like that rhyme!
At any time
You can look
You can see
Where I'll Be

Super excited to be flying into a snowstorm to meet up with my favorite tribe ever, the nptechies!

First stop: #NTCBEER on Wednesday night at Brit's Pub, although I probably won't be there until about 8 pm.

April 11. This will be the first year I am going to do the Day of Service, on Thursday morning. Definitely looking forward to that -- I'll be helping out at The Bakken Museum. It does mean I'll have to miss a session being led by Debra Askanase, Maddie Grant, Vanessa Rhinesmith, Megan Keane, and Jess Main (phew! allstar cast!) on Social Media Boundaries: Personal Meets Personnel Policy, so I'm planning on checking the tweets (#13NTCpers) and looking up the session materials afterwards.

Thursday lunch: no particular plans. Text me if you want to sit w/me at lunch. 831-234-5828.

Thursday afternoon I'm torn between two sessions: Social Media Police: The Nonprofit Edition (#13NTCpopo) with Maddie Grant, Allyson Kapin, Melanie Mathos, and John Haydon or Mindful Engagement at Work and in Life (#13NTClife) with Aaron Pava. Which one do you think I should attend? I'm leaning towards the latter, because I'm too much of an information junkie and easily ... squirrel!!!

I'll stop by the Science Fair for a bit, but my main goal Thursday evening is to attend Ignite (Ballroom EFG, Third Level). I think this year is going to be a fantastic one - can't wait to hear Steve Heye sing his, and Chris Tuttle will be doing his first one - good luck, Chris! I know how hard they are, having done two at  prior NTCs (2009 and 2010), and am glad to just be in the audience this year.

April 12. Friday at 10:30 I'm facilitating a Birds of a Feather discussion, along with Michael DeLong and Danielle Siembieda, about Online Community Platforms and, in particular, Forum functionality. I'm embarrassed to even mention the title of it. It would have been OK if I had meant it ironically ... let's just say I did.

Friday lunch: no particular plans. Text me if you want to sit w/me at lunch. 831-234-5828.

Friday at 1:30 I may try to squeeze into Beth's session on Visual Strategies for Focus In Age of Distraction or I may continue the wackiness by checking out Steve Heye's Standup Hour. The dude is funny, this I know. My advice is to surrender to the Steve.

Friday evening I will be at the Nonprofit Engagement Party courtesy of Idealist, a super-supporter of nptech that I consider one of "the big three" along with NTEN and TechSoup.

April 13. Saturday at 10:30 there are so many sessions I want to attend! I'll be at either The Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation (#13NTCcur8), Bite-Sized Tactics to Make Sense of Your Metrics #13NTCbite), or Rebooting Your Digital Community Building (#13NTCctalt).

Saturday Lunch will be at the wacky table with a bunch of wacky friends. You know who you are.

Saturday afternoon at 1:30 I might check out Data Is from Mars, Nonprofits Are from Venus (#13NTCVenus).

At 3:00 I hope to connect with some of our #commbuild community members (meta, yeah!) at Community Organizers Connect (#13NTCcomorg).

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I am on a plane running out of power so I'll publish this now and hope to connect with  you soon!

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